W.T. Hawkins Ltd. is currently under the directorship of President Kent Hawkins - grandson of founder W.T. After W.T. Hawkins passed away in 1961, his son, W.W. (Web) Hawkins assumed control and guided the company for nearly 30 years. Continuing with the basics of family values, fresh ingredients and hands-on management, the Hawkins legend has flourished. Dedicated to quality and service, Hawkins Cheezies® receives loyal support from its customers and continues to perfect its manufacturing success.

For the last 52 years, W.T. Hawkins has worked hard to establish strong markets for its product - The Cheezie®. It has captured significant market share throughout all of Canada and, in particular, Western Canada. But in addition to creating a craving among Canadians for its crispy, orange snack, W.T. Hawkins has created a family tradition that extends beyond bloodlines. It is a family that has strong ties to the community and one that encourages giving where one can.

cheezpic2.jpgJim Marker, Vice President, is still at the helm of his 52-year old dream. As the developer behind the Cheezie® name, Marker had used his humble engineering knowledge to set up operations in Canada. He matched this knowledge with the resourcefulness of Shirley Woodcox, Purchasing and Employee Relations, and the vision of W.T's son W.W. Hawkins who were viewed as the true building forces behind this company.

Scanning the factory floor you can easily count the dedicated employees who have worked through the ranks at Hawkins for decades, some for as long as 40 years. The length of service from each committed employee proves that great employee relations and support for family values is an integral part of daily operations at W.T. Hawkins Ltd. of Belleville, Ontario.