What can be more Canadian than aged cheddar cheese? Hawkins Cheezies proudly owns that right. They also own the right to the Cheezie® name, and have adorned it on their bright orange and white striped bags for over 50 years.

cheezpic4.jpgThe Cheezie® was born in the late 1940's when two enterprising gentlemen in the Chicago confectionery industry first stumbled across this snack food success. Jim Marker had perfected the production of the Cheezie® through a trial and error method of extruding corn meal. The corn meal ended up in a variety of finger shapes, which were french-fried in vegetable shortening and then conveyed through a cylinder and, with continuous rotations, are coated with cheese.

W.T. Hawkins founded this company with the simple belief that wholesome ingredients, real cheddar cheese and a unique shape would build success in the snack food industry. That dream has grown with shipments across Canada from Victoria, British Columbia to the Maritimes. This uniquely Canadian product is growing in popularity around the country, hence the glowing representation as the 'Best Cheezies® in the World.' Pity one can only buy Hawkins Cheezies® in our great nation.